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212 MEN AQUA Perfume in Pakistan Launched A Fragrance For Men Called Carolina Herrera Perfume. The Fragrance Is A Popular Option For Those Who Like A Lighter, More Aquatic Aroma Because It Is Meant To Be Refreshing And Energizing.


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212 MEN AQUA Perfume in Pakistan


212 MEN AQUA Perfume in Pakistan launched a fragrance for men called Carolina Herrera Perfume. The fragrance is a popular option for those who like a lighter, more aquatic aroma because it is meant to be refreshing and energizing. The different facets of MEN AQUA, including its smell profile, packaging, and target market, will be covered in this article. The marine notes are balanced by way of a floral notice of gardenia, which provides a contact of class to the fragrance. The base notes of 212 MEN AQUA Perfume Price in Pakistan are sandalwood, vetiver, and musk. Sandalwood affords heat and depth to the fragrance, whilst vetiver provides an earthy and woody quality. The musk notice offers the heady scent a sensual and masculine edge, making it a well-rounded and complicated scent.


212 MEN AQUA Perfume Profile


Citrus, sea, and woody tones combine in the fragrance Men Aqua by Carolina Herrera Perfume. The fragrance opens with bright and zesty tones from the top notes of grapefruit, bergamot, and ginger. 212 MEN AQUA Perfume Price in Pakistan Marine notes like seawater and ozonic accord make up the scent’s heart. Which gives it a revitalizing and aquatic feel. Sandalwood, vetiver, and musk make up the fragrance’s base notes. Which give it warmth and depth and give it a well-rounded, nuanced smell.




The 212 MEN AQUA Perfume in Pakistan comes in a sleek, contemporary bottle made of transparent glass that lets the blue-tinted scent show through. The logo is print in white on the front of the bottle, which is intend to be simple and elegant. The matte silver metal cap gives the overall design a sense of refinement.

Target Audience: It is best suite for people who want mild fragrances for everyday wear as well as those who appreciate fresh and aquatic odors. The scent is adaptable enough to be ware in a range of situations. Including the workplace and a night out with friends. The modern man who loves style, sophistication, and freshness will love the fragrance Men Aqua.

Composition: The composition of  212 MEN AQUA Perfume in Pakistan is a combo of citrus, marine, and woody notes that create a clean and invigorating scent. The scent opens with pinnacle notes of grapefruit, bergamot, and ginger, which provide it a brilliant and zesty quality. The coronary heart of the heady scent is made up of marine notes, such as seawater and ozonic accord, which add a clean and aquatic exceptional to the scent.  




Fresh and energizing aroma: The fragrance opens with a zesty, bright note that is follow by woody, marine, and aquatic undertones.
Versatile: The scent is appropriate for wearing in a number of situations, including the workplace and a night out with friends. The bottle is sleek and modern, with a minimalist design that lends a touch of class to any collection.
Wide target market: The scent is appropriate for men of different ages and fashions, making it a fantastic gift choice.




212 MEN AQUA Perfume Price in Pakistan 4-6 hours is a moderately short longevity for the fragrance, which may not be long enough for some consumers.
Weak Sillage: The scent has a modest sillage, meaning that it does not project as powerfully as other scents. And might not be detectable at a distance.
Possibly inappropriate for people who favor powerful scents: Its bright and fresh scent might not be appealing to people who like scents that are deeper and more complicated.
Price: The scent is on the pricey side; therefore, not many customers may be able to afford it.




The modern man will love the fresh and energizing scent of 212 MEN AQUA Perfume Price in Pakistan. Its combination of citrus, sea, and woody notes results in a complex. And well-rounded fragrance that is both elegant and reviving. It’s a great option for guys of all ages and fashions because of the clean. Minimalist packaging and wide target market. 212 MEN AQUA Perfume in Pakistan is unquestionably a fragrance to take into consideration if you’re trying to expand your collection. WorldTelemart.Com A flexible and opulent fragrance for the modern man. 212 MEN AQUA by Carolina Herrera is a well-balanced blend of fresh. And aquatic notes with warm and masculine base notes.


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