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Bella Eyeliner in Pakistan, Liquid Eyeliner Pen, High Quality Product, Smudge & Proof, Waterproof, @WorldTelemart.Com, Bella Eyeliner These Eyeliner Pencils Were Created With The Delicate- Barked In Mind. Because Of The High Attention Of Win Kernel Glycerides In Their Expression, These Eye Liner Pencils Draw A Faultless, Smooth Line Without Pulling Or Straining.


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Bella Eyeliner in Pakistan

What is Bella Eyeliner?

Bella Eyeliner in Pakistan These eyeliner pencils were created with the delicate- bark in mind. Because of the high attention of win kernel glycerides in their expression, these eyeliner pencils draw a faultless, smooth line without pulling or straining. This gorgeous citation eyeliner pencil create using only organic accouterments from nature. Vegetable waxes and natural colors combine to produce these eyeliner colors. This product is free of talc, scent, synthetic petroleum canvases, dyes, preservatives, and gluten.

However, anyone can use this vegan Bella Eyeliner pencil without threat. Bella Eyeliner’s natural win and win kernel glycerides allow for a smooth operation. This color eyeliner will be simple to apply to your skin and make the ideal point to facilitate your appearance. This eyeliner pencil contains win kernel glycerides to make it easier to glide over your skin. So, define and emphasize your eyes with a pop of color from naturally pigmented soft Bella Eyeliner Price in Pakistan pencils. Our top-quality factory-grounded and vegan eyeliner is naturally conserving and gentle on delicate eyes.

How Does It Work?

Since Bella Eyeliner in Pakistan Price is produced with a high-quality mix of vegetable canvases, including win kernel and coconut oil painting, it applies faultlessly without pulling or straining. Our natural eyeliner pencil consummately construct to keep its position while flowing easily. Simple lines or dramatic bodies can quickly draw because of the fine tip and easy running. Last but not least, colored eyeliner that adheres nicely isn’t waterproof and is simple to remove. Indeed though it’s smooth enough to vocally soil for a darkened appearance, it will not slip or rub off.

Bella Eyeliner in Lahore Products are made with integrity and ethics, are kind to skin, and deliver excellent performance. Devoid of parabens, scent, gluten, and anything deduced from creatures. The felt tip encounter of Bella Eyeliner Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner makes it possible to draw a perfect line each time for those of us who are not professional makeup artists. Indeed, it’s waterproof and boasts clear, sweat-evidence lines.

How To Use It?

 A felt-tip liquid Bella Eyeliner in Karachi pen is used to apply the eyeliner constantly. Resists sweating, impeccably outlines the eyes, and lasts the entire day. You can cry as crucial as you want, but it will not work. Lines draw precisely and efficiently using a tip that’s extremely fine and precise. So there are four vibrant, durable colors available. Brown, blue, pearl, black, and other tinges are present. The color of each pen link on end for ease of use in your makeup bag. Use Vegan Makeup Remover to altogether and fleetly remove your makeup when ready.


Bella Eyeliner in Islamabad can be controlled by making them dramatic, thick, or thin. WorldTelemart.Com is Suitable for contact lens wear and tear.

  • Make sure there are no canvases on the eye area before applying.
  • A flexible, accurate, and simple-to-use felt tip applicator.
  • A liquid eyeliner pen that dries snappily and lasts long.
  • High-quality products from a reputed esthetician
  • Ideal for fragile eyes and free from atrocity
  • Smudge-proof
  • Waterproof

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