Bonex-D Tablets



Bonex-D Tablets in Pakistan, Encourages Sturdy Bones & Teeth, Combines Calcium & Nutrition D3, Available @WorldTelemart.Com. Bonex-D Tablets Quite Handy Method To Guide Enhanced Bones And Teeth. Calcium Is Required For The Formation And Renovation Of Wholesome Bones. 


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Bonex-D Tablets in Pakistan

What is Bonex-D Tablets?

Bonex-D Tablets in Pakistan by way of Nutrifactor combines calcium and nutrition D3 in quite handy method to guide enhanced bones and teeth. Calcium is require for the formation and renovation of wholesome bones. It additionally aids inside the discount of muscle spasms then the renovation of a wholesome system. Vitamin D3 regulates calcium absorption in bones, promotion sturdy tooth and bones. It additionally helps to continue to be up a robust system.

Nutrifactor Bonex-D Tablets Price in Pakistan incorporates calcium and D, which useful resource with Calcium is required for bone formation and bone maintenance, in the tournament and renovation of healthy, sturdy bones and teeth. It boosts the device through presenting the each day calcium and D requirements. This complement lowers the opportunity of osteoporosis inside the elderly. Calcium aids inside the discount of muscle spasms and for this reason the preservation of a healthful system. Calcium absorption is regulated through ergocalciferol.


  • Encourages sturdy bones and teeth.
  • Promotes a healthful system.
  • Bonex-D Tablets ought to decrease the hazard of osteoporosis.
  • Aids in calcium absorption inside the bones.


Take 1-2 pills each day with water as a dietary supplement, ideally after a meal, or as directed with the aid of a healthcare professional. Don’t take over the encouraged every day dose.

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