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Digital Quran Pen in Pakistan, Portable & Handheld, Readable, Impressive & Multilingual Features, Rechargeable Battery, Visit @ WorldTelemart.Com. The Digital Quran Pen sacred writing comes with built-in speakers and headphones. It claims to be extremely appropriate for teenagers so as for them to be told the recitation with extreme communicativeness


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Digital Quran Pen in Pakistan

What is Digital Quran Pen in Pakistan?

The Digital Quran Pen in Pakistan sacred writing has built-in speakers and headphones. It claims to be highly appropriate for teenagers to be told the recitation with extreme communicativeness. It will begin recitation from whichever verse you purpose the device at, notwithstanding the surah, ayat, and word or folio. Therefore, This pen is designed to slot into your hands without feeling significant or stressed. It comes with complete Holy Sacred writing with nineteen voices of recitations. This conjointly includes the Tafseer of sacred writing. The speaker’s square measure is noise-free. The lithium-ion battery is reversible. The digital pen is obtainable in twenty-five languages, that is, twenty-five translations, Urdu, Pashto, English, and Turkish, among others.

How Does It Work?

The Digital Quran Pen in Islamabad considers creativity and suddenness – you can relinquish yourself refreshes around your work territory top. English Magic Device No more Post-it notes littered around the working environment. Fundamentally leaving yourself a message on the PC is much equivalent to scrutinizing a day-by-day paper or magazine. You can remark on notes around site pages. 

Fundamentally compose your talk onto the introduction and erase it once you’ve learned it. The Digital Quran Pen in Karachi is exceptional for scholastics, teachers, and authorities, allowing you to leave comments on reports or articles so when you come back to it later, you’ve not ignored what requirements doing. Ear Hearing Device If you’re not an academic, a teacher, or an official at that point, there needs to be convincing motivation to understand left either. Drawing couldn’t easier give the trademark pen and paper feel.


Digital Quran Pen Price in Pakistan on ayah/surah/word of your glorious and begin listening complete holy Qur’an in the voices of eighteen illustrious reciters. Gola Maker is a Lovely written religious sacred text. Option to store utterer audio, Dua, Adhan, Nasheed as doable within the pen via USB cable, additionally comprise sacred text Tafseer clear and loud sound with constitutional speakers and earpiece lovely pen with lovely gift packing contains sweet written holy sacred text internal li-ion guilty battery Sahih Bukhari book with audio polyglot vocabulary book with audio.

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