Durex Massage Gel



Durex Massage Gel in Pakistan, Enriched With Guarana Extract, Relive Stress, Call Now @ 0321-9966664, Durex Massage Gel in Pakistan, Kills Helminthes Then Quick Eliminates To Them Out Of The Intestines, Preventive Pollutants After Exercising Its Terrible Impact At The Frame. Relieves Judgment Including Intimate The Stomach, Improves Digestion, Appetite, Couch And Intention Expand The Rule About The Frame.


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Durex Massage Gel

What is Durex Massage Gel?

Durex Massage Gel in Pakistan Soothing Massage gel and intimate private fat designed as like a slight full-frame rubdown gel or barring issues washes away. Blended including Aloe Vera as enables revel within soothing sensations. It is a water-primarily based totally lube with a non-staining system as enables gender a easy, tender and mild affect in accordance with your pores then pores and skin and designed for comfort & pleasure. Suitable in conformity with request together with latex condoms yet toys.

It is a gel design for a relaxing rubdown influence regarding thy frame of addition after thick regions. These 2 into 1 purpose Aloe Vera ensures comfort of thy pores and skin. It reduces irritation, contamination then sinus effectively on your pores and skin then near regions. This gel provides sogginess yet keeps your pores then skin lubricated. It additionally provides relieving have an effect on into warfare to discomfort. You do gently rubdown such above your body or close regions then get regarding the natural relief.

How Does It Work?

Durex Play Massage Sensual Massage 2 within 1 is enrich with seductive expel yet has a sensitive perfume because an arousing play in. Its tender, handy & silky feel is slight ample because of all through frame rubdown, into summation in accordance with makes use of within thick regions. It’s water soluble, clean to pray yet to tidy far away yet would possibly not stain.

How To Use It?

Take off the cap then really strain lightly, smoothing the lube about because of thy intimate regions or during your frame. And while thou necessity greater, truly help yourself. You do use longevity Massage Gel including all condoms. Just easy on the outside of the condom whilst that is in the meantime on. Please do not forget though, it is at present no longer a contraceptive and that would not incorporate spermicide. It is excellent because vaginal, anal then oral sex. Play lubricants can also mild sperm down, then into suit thou are in search of after bear a infant talks for your doctor beforehand than use.


Durex rubdown & move accentuate is a two-in-one rubdown gel yet private dark lantern designed so a moderate full-frame rubdown gel to that amount absorbs between pores and pores and skin and barring problems washes off, then as a private oil in higher thick areas in conformity with beautify the sensual dice within because of you yet thy partner.

Perfect because whilst thou necessity at first a calm and sensuous rubdown arrival among every a section regarding the frame, lightly needling whole the ones work-weary muscles, then again do stand inspired to a chunk greater afterwards. This water-primarily based absolutely cool method is best because for the duration of body rubdown, be able help with vaginal dryness yet pleasant after condoms.

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