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Extra-C Tablets in Pakistan, Mixture Of Vitamin C And Rose Hips Extract, Helps White Blood Cells Characteristic, Now @ WorldTelemart.Com. Extra-C Tablets Is An Exquisite Mixture Of Vitamin C And Rose Hips Extract That Promotes A Healthful Immune Device And Antioxidant Protection. 


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Extra-C Tablets in Pakistan

What is Extra-C Tablets?

Extra-C Tablets in Pakistan is an exquisite mixture of Vitamin C and Rose Hips Extract that promotes a healthful immune device and antioxidant protection. Rose hips useful resource in the absorption of nutrition C, growing its effectiveness. Vitamin C is a vital nutrient for keeping a healthful immune device due to the fact it helps white blood cells characteristic commonly in the body. It also gives antioxidant safety by means of neutralising free radicals generated through oxidative and metabolic stress.

Extra-C Tablets aids in the manufacturing of collagen, a vital protein for cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels, as nicely as tissue restore and healing. It additionally aids in the utilisation of folic acid and iron with the aid of the body. Vitamin C, additionally regarded as ascorbic acid, is an antioxidant that acts as an herbal immune booster. This necessary antioxidant neutralises free radicals in the body, which purpose mobile injury and make a contribution to the getting old process.

It is an imperative nutrient concerned in tissue restore and the manufacturing of sure neurotransmitters. Extra-C Tablets Price in Pakistan through Nutrifactor is an amazing mixture of Vitamin C and Rose Hips Extract that promotes immune device fitness and antioxidant protection. Rose hips enhance diet C absorption and as a result its effectiveness. Because it helps white blood cells characteristic commonly in the body, nutrition C is an essential nutrient for retaining a healthful immune system.

Extra-C Tablets Benefits:

  • Aids in the upkeep of a healthful immune system.
  • Essential for the protection of wholesome skin. Collagen synthesis is required for tissue restore and healing.
  • Extra-C Tablets in Karachi helps hold wholesome gums.
  • Aids in the safety of the physique towards oxidative stress.
  • Assists the physique in absorbing and storing iron.


Take 1 pill daily, ideally after a meal, or as otherwise directed through a healthcare professional. Do no longer exceed the everyday dose recommended

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