Double Sided Grill Pan



Double Sided Grill Pan in Pakistan, Non Stick Specifications Aluminum Double Sided Non-Stick Frying Pan, @ Worldtelemart.Com. Double Sided Grill Pan Build Food Simply And Handily Reducing Smell And Smoke From Spreading Within The Room. Includes Associate Degree Federal Agency Approved Polymer Seal.


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Double Sided Grill Pan in Pakistan

What is Double Sided Grill Pan in Pakistan?

 Double Sided Grill Pan in Pakistan. this happycall authentic original , build food absolutely and handily lowering smell then receive besides killing inside the room. Includes associate quantity federate company approved polymer seal, preventing now not totally odor or smoke, alternatively conjointly oil beyond splatting ring. Conjointly includes a convenient magnet take care of lock, firmly keeping it suppress since the trade concerning state.

Filled with further options just like the good Oil Catch receptacle, preventing wet from dripping onto the cooktop even once the pan is wide open. Federal agency Approved, polymer seal to forestall unwanted smoke and odor. Inbuilt good Oil Catch receptacle to forestall wet and oil spills once the higher pan is open. Non-Stick Omelette Pan Robust magnets, embedded on the handle ensures tight higher and lower pans. 3-layer non-stick sure coating within. Good for a change of state fish, fajitas, steak, bacon, frittatas, etc.

How Does Double Sided Pan Grill Work?

Practical Pressure Magnets propelling burden inside the container, Handle Ergonomically planned, hardened metal take care of together with Bakelite hold, Coating German nonstick covering, Double Sided Grill Pan in Karachi Special capabilities Silicon Packing: Prevents take or smell according to the nearly extreme. Connector and Safety Pin of these pan are connected higher cave then decrease skillet. Oil Drain Receiver: Pizza Maker External oil beneficiary accumulates discharged slick salad oil outdoors concerning the higher skillet of the midst concerning cooking. Weight Exit: There is an arduous rudiment to assist dissemination.

Twofold Sided: Helps in preparation from each side.

Oil entice Function: Oil entices capability holds the oil to remain within the pan whereas preparation, afterward whereas preparation you’re cook-top stays clean and neat.

Heat Trapping: Heat caught within the pan spares vitality by guaranteeing faster preparation.

Silicon Lining: Pressure Fryer The covering helps in catching the heat, oil, and weight that helps in higher preparation.

German innovation sloppy Coating: This covering helps in giving superior preparation information, the nourishment doesn’t persist with base.


  1. Size 36 cm
  2. Bite the dust cast
  3. Non-Stick
  4. Aluminum twofold sided non-stick griddle
  5. Material: Cast Aluminum
  6. High caliber and best cost
  7. Simple clean

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