Nicer Dicer Plus


Nicer Dicer Plus in Pakistan Manual Vegetable Chopper-Cutter-Peeler All in One, Speedy Kitchen Chopper, Buy Now @WorldTelemart.Com. Nicer Dicer Plus Each Made Of Ultra-Sharp Stainless Steel. Merely Displace The Lid And They’ll Merely Pass As Regards To Any Food


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Nicer Dicer Plus in Pakistan

What is Nicer Dicer Plus in Pakistan?

Nicer Dicer Plus in Pakistan, is made of very sharp stainless steel slicer. Each blade gives you a very different shape and cutting size according to your need and it’s withdrawn segments of 4 or eight, cube food in 3 is all different sizes. There’s even a bigger chordophone slicer, excellent for apace slicing cucumbers, carrots, and potatoes. Once you’re done you’ll be able to serve or lock on the keep lid and nonetheless later. Food schoolwork has ne’er been thus straightforward. Once you’re done you’ll be able to serve or lock on the stay lid and on the opposite hand later. Genius Nicer Dicer Plus in Lahore and value Food assignment has ne’er been so simple.

How Does It Work?

Perfect for rushing up food schoolwork for this year’s festal feast, the nicer Dicer Plus takes the cutting convenience of Nicer Dicer Plus in Islamabad and takes it to a full new level. Speech acts a large one, 500 metric {capacity unit} capacity, with it and you’ll be able to cut in eleven alternative ways. Clever Cutter You’ll be able to slice, dice, and cut, julienne, cube, wedge, quarter, grate so way more. Simply displace the lid and they’ll simply get over just about any food. Every blade offers you a selection of various cutting sizes: take segments of four or eight, and cube food in three completely different sizes.

There are even a utensil and a stringed instrument slicer, sensible for quickly slicing cucumbers, carrots, and potatoes. Nicer Dicer Fusion .


  1. Ultra-sharp chrome steel exactitude cutting blades
  2. 5 completely different inserts with eleven other ways to chop
  3. Cut into cubes or sticks in three completely different sizes
  4. Slices in a pair of completely different thicknesses
  5. Cut into quarters, eighths, and wedges
  6. Long-lasting super-sharp chrome steel blades
  7. Extra sharp kitchen utensil and chordophone slicer with a safety food holder


Ideal for accelerating nourishment prep during the current year’s merry dining experience, Nicer Dicer Plus in Pakistan takes the cutting comfort of Nicer Dicer Plus in Karachi and takes it to an unheard-of level. Flaunting an immense 1,500 ml limit, with it you can cut in 11 unique manners. You can cut, shakers, cut, julienne, solid shape, wedge, quarter, grind thus significantly more. Nicer Dicer Plus Price in Pakistan is the best efficient item in your kitchen. Slice O Matic It works so quickly that you can set aside 30 mints for its utilization. More pleasant Dicer Plus gives you a safe method for cutting vegetables because there is no way of finger or hand cutting while you are utilizing it. 

WorldTelemart.Com There are 5 cutting edges, each made of ultra-sharp treated steel. Simply push down the cover and they’ll effectively slice through any nourishment. Every sharp edge gives you a decision of various cutting sizes: cut into fragments of 4 or 8, 3D shape nourishment in 3 unique sizes. At the point when you’re set, you can serve, or lock on the stay new cover and put something aside for some other time. Nourishment prep has never been so basic.

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