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Taser Gun in Pakistan, Effective Tool For Self Defence, Have Power To Shock Through Thick Clothing, Intimidating Shock, Shop @ WorldTelemart. Taser Gun At That Point Discharges An Incredible Charge Which Is Low Amp And High In Voltage. It Implies That The Taser Gun Will Securely Paralyze The Aggressor Without A Lot Of Harm.


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Taser Gun in Pakistan

What is Taser Gun in Pakistan?

Taser Gun in Pakistan was made for security reasons. Immobilizers hold been overhauled seeing the age that has been delivered. Taser Gun is presently safe yet more viable than such at someone point. Taser Gun produces at least 200,000 volts, which depends above the altar about the immobilizer to gender more power. This voltage is sufficient to accomplish the defective party paralyzed for ten to 15 minutes. Taser Gun labor to touch the deteriorative party’s body according to make it work.

Taser Gun at that point discharges an incredible charge which is a low amp and high in voltage. It implies that the Taser Gun will securely paralyze the aggressor without a lot of harm. Electronic Cigarette At the point when an individual gets a stun of power, their muscles contract so hard and the agony is high to the point that loses awareness. With the assistance of a Taser Gun, the unfortunate casualty can get away from the peril while harming nobody. In any case, it relies upon the unfortunate casualty to make it work or else it might happen that assailant will evade the assault.

How To Use Taser Gun?

Taser Gun in Lahore works sort of a gorgeous device as a result of it solely will a short-lived injury to the assaulter. This can be why are saying} that stun guns are currently safer than ever. Taser Gun voltage even being high isn’t that harmful because the charge or amps are going to be less dangerous. Verity’s purpose of the Taser Gun in Islamabad is to form the assaulter unconscious for a restricted time to flee the danger. You’ll decide it is attack-friendly instrumentation for simply disabling the opposite person.

You also got to contemplate some things once shopping for a weapon system that it’s nothing sort of a bullet that may launch a really dangerous attack. Simply, it’ll not kill anyone however create the disabled briefly. Electric Shisha Pen The good thing about the Taser Gun is that it doesn’t have to be compelled to be a particular aim. Not like a handgun, it doesn’t want that variety of aim and you’ll use it simply. The other sensible issue regarding Taser Guns is that it doesn’t want a licensed sort of gun. You won’t have to be compelled to undergo the effort of any quiet paperwork.

Although there square measure some states or countries that even have rules for owning a Taser Gun for safety, however, majority of them don’t count it as a true gun. It is a lot of handy and transportable, as a result, stun guns are available on several gadgets for example Torch, Mobile, Lipstick, ring, etc.

Can a Taser Gun Kill You?

In rare cases, targets have gone into pathology and died once being dismayed in the chest with a stun baton.

  1. Per information collected by Amnesty International, between 2001 and 2012 a minimum of five hundred individuals died within the U. S. once being dismayed with Tasers.
  2. That study says that though most deaths were attributed to alternative causes, health workers have listed Tasers as a cause or contributory considering quite sixty deaths.

Stun Gun in Pakistan:-

When used properly, Tasers are effective protection weapons. For many folks, the taster gun is the simplest alternative. It needs direct contact, however, it’s reasonable. And with super sharp electrodes that penetrate through the covering, it’s effective too.

Things To Consider in a:-


Most immobilizers guarantee truly high voltage ranges. Since immobilizer voltage isn’t directed, that could conceivably be an embellishment.


Some immobilizers accompany battery-powered batteries. Others, similar to Tasers, accompany batteries you’ll need to supplant. Anex Juicer Battery-powered batteries will, in general, be more affordable but will charge less after some time. If your immobilizer has battery-powered batteries, allude to your manual for how frequently to energize it. Many immobilizers should be charged for one to two hours consistently

Size of Stun Gun:-

Stun Guns in Karachi come in all shapes and sizes: some will be lipstick-shaped and healthy in your purse; others, like Tasers, will have to be holstered. Consider what size and structure will work excellently with your lifestyle. If you work nights and get domestic late, a flashlight-style stun gun may additionally be better. If you’re a delivery man or woman searching for an introduced experience of security, a Taser-style weapon would possibly be better.

Safety Precautions for Stun Gun:-

Fortunately, maximum stun weapons and Tasers have a protection mechanism. And it’s a great element: without the protection mechanism, you danger firing it accidentally on yourself.


  • WorldTelemart.Com Affordable price
  • Intimidating shock
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • Tactical flashlight
  • Power to shock through thick clothing
  • 0Built-in LED flashlight
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Lightweight and compact size
  • Non-slip rubber coating
  • Internal rechargeable batteries

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