Veet Electric Trimmer



Veet Electric Trimmer In Pakistan, For Sensitive Areas, Pain Free Hair Removal, Easy To Use, Portable, Quick & Gentle, @ Worldtelemart.Com, Veet Electric Trimmer  Is Designed Specifically For Delicate Body Regions Like The Top Lip, Side Consumes, And Eyebrows. It’s Precise And Easy To Use, Removes Hair Gently, And There’s No Instant Flesh Contact On The Trouncing Edge, So There’s No Need To Be Concerned About Trimmings.


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Veet Electric Trimmer 

What is Veet Electric Trimmer?

Veet Electric Trimmer in Pakistan is designed specifically for delicate body regions like the top lip, side consumes, and eyebrows. It’s precise and easy to use, removes hair gently, and there’s no instant flesh contact on the trouncing edge, so there’s no need to be concerned about trimmings. Veet Electric Trimmer helps to remove hair without pulling or dragging on the skin, reducing skin irritation. The razor assiduity’s recent invention also reduces joint problems, like skin discomfort or vexation during paring. Utmost suitable for removing pubic hair because it’s explicitly designed to control the hair in the delicate area without causing any irritation or rashes. Shaving removes hair from the face, but when done improperly, it can result in knocks and consumption from the razor.

How Does Veet Electric Trimmer Work? 

Veet Electric Trimmer Price in Pakistan is authentically abecedarian. For this one, use the more understated 6 mm connection. Assemble the batteries, adjust the base, and zoom! Nevertheless, wait; do not put it on your eyebrows just yet. Brush your eyebrows immediately by setting the lower brush attachment on the head. Work slowly, and do not put too significant pressure on the trimmer. This would control the length of your hair and provide you with a well-trolled foundation from which to work.


Veet Electric Trimmer in Pakistan Price Ideal for the top lip, side consumption, eyebrows, delicate hair expulsion, and precise sculpting for light body regions. It may be used in the shower; Use the little head and the encounter to produce perfect eyebrows. Place Veet Electric Trimmer in Karachi over your eyebrow and turn it counterclockwise to the direction of hair growth. Also ideal for quick final details wherever you go; Blade Material Stainless steel with a titanium coating; Source of power AC, 35 W of power consumption, one AA battery, 45 minutes of running time.

  • A wide range of accessories includes an AA battery, a delicacy head, a swimsuit head, an encounter, a magnifying cap, a cleaning brush, and an excellent fund.
  • Quick and gentle Remove unwanted hair snappily and easily. 
  • Grandly Precision Accurate shaping and style achieved with malleable eyebrow heads and devoted backing

How To Use It? 

Trimmer is a straightforward device with a small plastic rotating element that seems flimsy but typically works very hard. It was not often used. Theoretically, you might use a similar trimmer for your body as you would for your face, just as you may use an analogous cleanser for your body as you would for your face.

  • WorldTelemart.Com Use the delicacy- malleable head and cock it for a significantly different treat and comfort of purpose.
  • Choose an encounter from the 2 mm or 4 mm range, also place it on the eyebrow head. Trim against the direction of hair growth.
  • The 16 mm or 6 mm 2- sided perfect flexible head accounts for the best eyebrow shaping.

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